Fruit of the Loom Products

Fruit of the Loom t-shirts from Cottonprint. Here you can browse our wide selection of Fruit of the Loom products, including hoodies, sweatshirts, and more. Fruit of the Loom are a long established industry leader in garment manufacture, ensuring quality, and affordability across the board.

On top of providing garments from brand leaders like Fruit of the Loom, we also offer printing services. So if you would like your logo printing onto a Fruit of the Loom product, then our experienced, skilled team are on hand to help. Learn more about this service here.

Below you can browse our wide range of Fruit of the Loom products and select the suitable garment, size, and colour for you. We regularly add products to our sales list too, helping customers find great deals every day.

Any orders over £150 will receive free delivery throughout the UK too.

To learn more about us and our products feel free to call today on 0161 4941465